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December 2022

The River - 2023 Calendar

UPDATE!! ONLY 10 CALENDARS LEFT! 22nd December 2022.

Pre-sale sold out, and only ten calendars are left from the limited edition print run. Order before Christmas or pick up a copy in store at Ink Bookshop Mansfield or Loyola Jewels Mansfield.


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Thanks for visiting my blog today! 

Many of  you will know that I recently ran a pre-order campaign through Kickstarter, to pre-sell a minimum number of calendars, in order to cover the cost of printing a full run of beautiful A3 spiral bound Art Quality calendars for 2023.

The pre-order campaign was a success, and at this moment the calendars are being printed!

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If you missed the pre-order, but still would like a calendar, you can now purchase one right here!

There are three payment methods.

  1. Direct Transfer - you will need to message me for bank details.
  2. Credit Card - manual transaction over the phone. Message me, and when I have my Eftpos machine nearby I will ring you to take your number verbally - I punch it in straight away while I have you on the phone, so that I am not writing anyone's numbers down and having to store or destroy records.
  3. Buy a calendar in store at Ink Bookshop Mansfield or Loyola Jewels Mansfield.

Postage is $13.25 for one calendar or $16.50 for two calendars, and will need to be calculated separately for more calendars. Express post is another option. Please contact me privately is you need assistance with this.

Calendars are being printed right now - Friday 9th December - and it is my hope that we will have them before Christmas, but I will keep you updated with the progress.  (PRINT COMPLETE AND CALENDARS POSTED 20.12.2022). 

Thanks so much for your support. If you would like to ready my essay about the creation of the work which is included in the RMIT Graduate Profile, you can read it here.

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Again, thanks for visiting my blog!

Talk soon,

Kathryn Ruddick

(the arty farmer - Mansfield VIC).