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Extravaganza Ordering Glitch

Quick heads up!

If you were trying to order last night after work you may have found the online store wasn't working for you.

It was a global glitch that affected all Stampin' Up! online shops.

Because this happened with still 5-6 hours left to go on yesterday's mammoth sale, during the busiest period, Stampin' Up! have just announced they are extending the sale until 11.50pm today.

At this very moment the online store still isn't working so if you did want to get your order in and still get the 10% off, email it to me and I will place the order for you by logging in to the back end via the demonstrator website. The order will still come direct to you via Australia Post.

Or if you want to try again after work today, the online store should be working by then - either way, don't be afraid to get in touch with me to help you out.


Kathryn Ruddick


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