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Virtual Party & Share Sunshine!

We may be in lockdown, and I know it's really hard for lots of people, to not get out, not see their friends and family, not go to places they regularly go to.

That's why I am really grateful for any initiatives to keep people actively staying in touch with each other - and as you would know, that means of lot of extra online stuff.

Some things that I am really excited about are two brand new initiatives by Stampin' Up! to keep us #sharingsunshine - sending cards and well wishes to our family, and even to strangers.

In the last 24 hours they released a #sharesunshine pdf of Covid19 appropriate sentiments to print out, cut out and put on your cards.  The pdf is not free, its $12US (around $18.50 Australian) for 15 pages of sentiments (WHOA!!) and get this, EVERY.SINGLE.CENT goes to global charities that are working to support communities through the pandemic. 100% of your purchase $$ go to the charities.

WIN WIN ! You get an awesome pdf that you can use over and over, and a global charity benefits 100% from your purchase.

You can buy the pdf by going to 

 How cute are these cards made with some of the sentiments?  (Oh and yes, the pdf is not just black and white, it contains colour images too!!).


I can't wait to print them out and start Sharing Sunshine with these great sentiments!


Another great initiative - a FREE one this time, is an invitation for you to attend a Facebook Live Virtual Party that Stampin' Up! are hosting for us. This is a first and I can't wait to participate and see what they are going to show us!

The virtual party is online, on a FB group set up specifically for the event. You can join the group now.

The party is 6.30pm tomorrow night (Thursday 30th April) and if you can't attend right away because it's right in the middle of dinner, the great thing about FB Live events is you can always come back and watch them in your own time later.


I will definitely be online during the event, watching from my laptop, and I invite you to join me in doing so, and I will have my ipad & phone nearby during the event so if you want to you can send me a message via text or messenger during or after the party.

I hope I see you tomorrow, and I hope you take a look at the gorgeous #sharesunshine pdf of sentiments for this time.




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