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Sewing, mending, costume making?

Today I am appealing to all of my friends and family, who like me, grew up in a family where you learned to sew a button back on, you learned to stitch a fallen hem back into place, you mended the holes worn in the knees of jeans. You stitched teddy's ear or arm back on and you stitched the lace back on dolly's dress when the manufacturer's glue gave way.

Sewing Box 2

If you had that kind of mother/grandmother/favourite aunty influence in your life, then like me, somewhere in your house - likely the laundry cupboard, or maybe in the bottom of the linen cupboard where the sewing machine is stored, you also have a mending box, whether its a traditional old style sewing box filled with tangled embroidery threads and buttons that came off long forgotten shirts or dresses, scraps of bric a brac and old quilt fabrics, pins, a needle threader, maybe even a thimble . . . 

Or you might have one of those streamlined, every coloured cotton under the sun cheap plastic mending kits that you can get in the supermarket - usually in the same aisle as the washing powders and the ironing aid (the what?? yes, I know!!).

Mending Kit

Pretty funky!

Maybe like me, you are the blending of a couple of household's and you have one of each style!

And like me, I bet you absolutely hate those cheap nasty plastic scissors with the round blunt end that come in the supermarket kit and don't cut anything, and also like me, I bet you are constantly frustrated when you go to your "good" sewing box, to get out your "good" scissors, because you need something fine and sharp . . . 


Because somebody borrowed them and nobody knows who, and somebody forgot to put them back and nobody can find them! Aaaaagggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

I know that you know what I'm talking about! And if you do find them, they're either in little Johnny's crayon box all gunked up with some gluey stuff that's going to take a whole bottle of Eucalyptus oil to remove, OR, they are on the potting shelf near the shed and have been used to open several bags of potting mix because they're nice and sharp, right? Not anymore!

And like me, you go back and use the cheap nasty plastic scissors in the plastic mending kit, and you hack your way through the ribbon or the thread or the lace fraying the edges and sigh and say, "One day I will get a new pair of nice scissors for my sewing box . . . "

Today I am here to save you!!

It's time! And it's so easy - you don't even have to get in the car and drive to the shop!

You know that I am a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, and that Stampin' Up! sells a vast array of rubber stamping, cardmaking and scrapbooking supplies? Well, guess what? We also sell a super nice, very fine, very sharp pair of scissors!

Paper Snips

If you live in Australia and order these online from me, Australia Post will deliver them to your preferred address. They have thin, precision-ground stainless steel tips,  2-1/2" (6.4 cm) blades and include a safety cover for the blades.

Now you know you definitely want a pair for your sewing box, and if you are still helping younger ones with school projects, cutting and pasting pictures out of magazines to illustrate their projects, fussy cutting flowers, butterflies, motorbikes to adorn their school book covers, then you know you definitely need a second pair so you have one for threads, ribbon and lace, and one for paper!

And while we are talking about sticking pictures on projects, tell me about the state of the gluepots in your house?

I am traditionally a hoarder of glue. Especially white PVA liquid and woodworking glue. Every brand under the sun, every different size and shape bottle, cos you never know when you're going to need it . . . and all of them, clagged up at the top or congealed or separated. I did a clean up of our laundry cupboard not so long ago.  Maybe I kept one or two (Ssshhhhh!!) but I threw out a stack! They were useless!

Is it time you did a throw out? You know you are never going to get around to hacking those bottle in half with a knife and scooping out the glue to use up that way, don't you?

Stampin' Up! has a fantastic white liquid glue, in a bottle with a super fine tip so you can just get a tiny amount - and that's all you need. It's great for paper, felt, craftwood, buttons, feathers, card, egg carton dinosaurs, sequins . . . while you are ordering your one or two pairs of Stampin' Up! Papersnips, why not get a nice fresh easy to use liquid glue too?

Tombow Liquid Glue

Why am I appealing to my non-stamping, non-cardmaking friends and family today?

Well, my lovely stamping customers have been amazingly supportive, and over the years they have bought a lot of supplies from me, and still do so with my monthly classes, stamp club and other events. This month (September) is the last month of the Stampin' Up! year, and over the past 11 and a half months I have been working to try to achieve the Stampin' Up! Annual Incentive Trip. It's not a competition you can win, it's a point system much like Fly Buys, where each sales dollar of products ordered from me over the year, accrue to earn me points towards the trip.

There are two weeks left to earn points and I am so, so close. But I need to give a bit of a push, so I am reaching out to the sewing box owners and the mums and grandmum's who help with kids homework projects and the dad's that fix things with wood and leather, and makers of dance costumes and Book Week costumes . . . . I have brilliant scissors and glue that will be perfect for all of you and you can order online without even needing to leave the house!

I just need another $1,300.00 in product sales and I can say to Tony that I am taking him on the trip of a lifetime - an Alaskan Cruise courtesy of Stampin' Up! If 20 or 30 of my friends and family order a pair of scissors (or two) and a bottle of glue, that's going to make your sewing box happy, and it's going to really help me reach my goal by the 30th of September.

You can click on any of the images to order them online.

Thanks for reading my little story today!


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