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Colour Refresh!

So much excitement going on the last few weeks with the end of Sale-a-bration, then the announcement on Online Ordering and My Digital Studio now being available in Australia. We thought that was plenty of news, but then Stampin' Up! announced another fantastic change :

B1_Color_Refresh a

There's a fantastic video by Stampin' Up! trainer Carrie Cudney in which she makes a super cute card and showcases the new colours and the re-arranged colour families - it's a must see and you can view it HERE!

I've put all the details of the colour change over on my Specials & Promotions page. Make sure you check out which TEN colours are retiring and make sure if you love those colours that you have a re-inker for your inkpad, and stock up on card, ribbon and other accessories. These colours will not be re-stocked by Stampin' Up! now, so some of them may run out before the end of the catalogue. If you need to replenish your stocks, don't wait!

Email or call me today, as I am putting orders through most days and can assist you with getting your supplies before stocks run out.

Email : [email protected]

or Mob : 0418 361 931

I've also loaded a picture into my art gallery so you can see the new re-arranged colour families in detail.

Don't forget to check your stocks of those ten retiring colours and let me know today if you need a re-inker or to stock up on card or ribbon!  Talk to you soon.


One Little Word Blog Hop - March 2013

When I did give in to what my "Word" was subconsiously telling me at the start of this year, I really didn't think for one minute I'd have trouble with keeping up with this class.

Easy Peasy I thought, one prompt, one project each month, I can do that! Afterall, I started last year with "Twelve" . . . 12 scrapbook layouts, per month for 12 months . . . If I could survive that for the first 6 months, I can do ONE LITTLE WORD!!

I didn't count on work being so busy, I didn't count on my father-in-law being so ill for so long, I didn't count on my team growing to 38 in just a couple of months . . . and so reality sets in and there's this kind of "Oh Shucks" feeling, I didn't make it this month and I forgot about my word and I didn't do my action statement or my One Little Action . . . but then I sat down and looked over my "Intentions" for the year and realised how many boxes I ticked in March 2013 . . .

My word is LIGHT and my goal is to LIGHTEN my load, get LIGHTER, be enLIGHTENed etc etc

Here's what happened in March : 

Jan IntentionMy first plan for this year was to slow it all down - I didn't want a repeat of the 2012 Lightyear . . . so far this year HAS NOT turned out that way, and so a couple of weekends now, I have had a chance to sleep in - yeah until about 8am!!!

So on those two, maybe three occasions, I have done just that! I have rolled over and closed my eyes and told myself, I DO NOT have to get out of bed at 5.30am every single day! Yayy!! Go me!!

It is amazing how quickly the day does disappear when you do get out of bed THAT late, at like almost lunch time by my standards, but what the heck, at least I caught up on some sleep! And I feel I have really needed that these last couple of months!

March IntentionI intend to be a guiding LIGHT this year, and with hopefully more time on my hands soon, I wanted to get that underway from the start of this year.

Thankfully I have a team under me who are happy to be led, and to contribute and to give things a go, and in March we hosted a wonderful happy event we titled "Share What You Love".

At the end of that weekend, we had added four new team members to our gorgeous Aussie Inkpressionists group.  I feel so very blessed to be a leader, it is a real privilege to share what I have learned and what I love with others who have a deep desire to learn and are motivated and inspired and want to become leaders too.

April IntentionOne way I intended to LIGHTEN my load this year was to just get rid of some of the zillion activities I do! During March, I actually didn't even have to put actions in place to lighten my load - although I did have to work extremely hard, learn a stack of new things and build my business substantially so that one of the load lightening steps wouldn't also mean pocket lightening, as I would still have bills to pay LOL!!

You're probably wondering what on earth I am babbling about! Well, after five years of dabbling in my Stampin' Up! business whilst working mostly full time in the construction industry, during March I was able to take a redundancy package and it is my intention to work my SU! business full time now instead of having to traipse off to the other side of town (3 hours commute every day) to a job I wasn't particularly loving anymore . . . Load Lightened!

May IntentionMarch is also the end of our Stampin' Up! year here in Australia and I had a few goals I wanted to achieve for this year, which included the things I jotted on my May Intentions. Why May?  Our annual Convention is held in May and if I wanted to do some extra "recognition stage walks" at Convention this May, I needed to make sure they were in the bag at the end of March . . .

During February I re-checked my goals, put some action steps in place, took those steps and in March I watched, guided and celebrated as each of those goal posts was achieved and each extra "Stage Walk" became a reality.

In May, with my beautiful husband, my darling mum and several of my dearest stamping friends beside me, I WILL LIGHT up the stage!

July IntentionIt's amazing when you put something down in writing, how easy it becomes to remember it!

We SU! demonstrators ALWAYS take WAY too much stuff to workshops at our friends houses! In January I wrote TRAVEL LIGHT as one of my intentions, and I didn't just mean on holiday.

This month, without even thinking about it, I packed about half the amount of products to take to a workshop. Just my sample board, my trolley of goodies, a simple but WOW demonstration project, a simple and pretty Make & Take project . . . the whole experience was so much easier!

November IntentionAnd as I reviewed the month, I realised just how much my ONE LITTLE WORD was manifesting itself in my life, as it just kept coming up again and again!

My November intention was ENLIGHTENED with the encouragement to DO A CLASS . . . without even thinking of this intention, so far through out Feb & March I have attended FOUR extra Women In Business workshops and seminars run by my local council, listened to 8-10 webinars, done a social networking bootcamp . . . okay I've gone from someone who was feeling guilty about not filling out my March Activities sheet to feeling like an over-achiever who won't actually have anything left to do for the rest of the year!!

I better let you continue on this blog hop and check out what the other creative, thoughtful, intuitive and sharing women in this amazing ONE LITTLE WORD class have been up to in March. The next blog is Mrs Wookie.

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