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Hi Everyone, and welcome to another great year of monthly blog hops with my One Little Word class!


The One Little Word (OLW) journey is a very personal one, mostly via scrapbooking, photo taking and lots of journalling, and this year, quite a number have chosed to share their progress, not just in the online classroom galleries and message board, but via a monthly blog hop. I am very excited to take part in this too, sharing my own experience, but also being inspired by my classmates.

Our prompt for January was to "invite" our word and let it start becoming an active force in our day to day lives, popping up where it would, inspiring us. Many of us delved into dictionaries and thesaurus's to gain further insight and meaning into our word, and we created 18 footy-card sized artworks, one for each month of 2013 with some intentions regarding our word, one title, one photo and four art cards to help us get into the groove of our word.

To keep thing simple, I selected a Stampin' Up! Simply Scrappin' Kit called Afternoon Daydream, which I will use all year in creating my album and maintaining a colour scheme. (Who would think that I would EVER choose MORE MUSTARD as a standard colour in a "ME" album!!!! ) LOL!

January Intentions Prompt

As you can guess from my first 9 cards, my word for 2013 is LIGHT.  We had to include a photo of ourselves too, and I kind of struggle with photos of me, especially the ones I have taken myself - they are all ghastly! So it was kind of nice when I found this photo of me and my lovely friend Alisha, at the airport after last year's Stampin' Up! Convention in Canberra. It fits right in with my other word pairs - in this case HIGHLIGHT!!!!  Convention was a highlight of 2013, Alisha staying with our group of 8 was a highlight and then later, Alisha joining my team was another highlight!

So even though the photo was six months old, it fitted right into my LIGHT year!

January Intentions Prompt2

I completed these 18 cards quite early in the month and have been hanging out to see what the next month brings by way of prompts! No doubt by the time you read this, I will already have downloaded the February prompts and watched to the video!

So, since I will be busy with that, I better tell you who else is in the blog hop, so you can go check out what they have been doing with their words in January!  The next person on the blog hop is Missus Wookie.

If you get lost, you can always come back here to the main list below to find the next person. The blog hop goes live at 6am Eastern (US) time, which is very different to us here, so if the next link doesn't work immediately, just give it another few minutes then try again! Hopefully we've all worked out the time conversion correctly!

So far the participants in the February Hop include:






You are here : Kathryn:

Missus Wookie:





















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Brilliant idea to use a Stampin' Up! Simply Scrappin kit - why didn't I think of that? Love that you have mastered the months part - that had me stumped, and I love your ambitions with LIGHT. You will Light up that stage, and I'll be there with Alisha to see that happen sweetie xxxx

Paper Pile Kitten

Gorgeous!! The colors are so light and fresh.

Alisha Watson

Wow, I came here to look at your wonderful bloghop and first thing I see was a picture of us :-) Thank you for your kind words. In theme with your word "Light" my Stampin Up world did Light up when I joined your team. I love it, even if atm only a hobby demo I love feeling like one of the team. I love the way you have done you OLW layout. This would be something I might have to do and put on my wall as a guide. I love it.

Lee Currie

LOVE how your cards turned out. And your word is so optimistic. Wonderful! Thanks for joining the hop :)


I love your word choice and the way you did your words to go with light for each month.


Beautiful light stamp. Love that font.

Kelly S.

I love your word! Reading your intentions I felt very relaxed! Have a great year!


Your word lends itself so beautifully to so many interpretations! beautiful.

Missus Wookie

Morning :) Glad you were able to find a photo of yourself you like - I took a challenge to take a photo of myself every week and it is amazing how that changes the way you see photos.

Really like the stamp/font you've used for light on your cards - so pretty.


I love the look of your cards ~ they're beautiful!

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