A Day of Remembrance
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Heroes & Pop-up's

Hi folks, hope you're having a nice week?

In Tuesday's post about Black Saturday, I included a tiny snippet of photo of some pop-up firemen - just like a chain of paper dolls.  This was a project I was happy to revisit, as it was another Altered Book Round Robin which I participated in about 5 years ago, and it took me quite some time to dig out the photos, so I hope you don't mind, but I thought I would share more of the project with you today.

The book theme was black & white photos, and the layout that month had to include pop-up's. Never one to shirk at a challenge, and influenced by the mood in the world at the time (the London bombings had only recently occurred), I decided on a pop-up that was reflective, but also celebrated the strength of the human spirit.

Heroes - Bron B&W Photos Popup BL

Heroes - Bron B&W Photos Popup BL2

Heroes - Bron B&W Photos Popup BL3

Heroes - Bron B&W Photos Popup BL5

The small piece of text down on the right hand corner reads, "Inside every good heart is a hero waiting to happen".

I'm sure you'll agree that human adversity certainly brings out the hero in ordinary, every day folk.