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Chinese Whispers - Stampin' Up! Style

Do you remember that kids game where you had to repeat a sentence "whispering" all the way around a circle and when it got to the end it was hilarious to see how it had changed?

Well, our group recently followed this idea but we were making cards instead of telling a story.  The first person made a card, took a photo of it and emailed it to the next person.  It was to remain secret and not be shown to anyone else.  The second person made a card inspired by the first one, took a photo and emailed it to the third person, the third person made a card inspired by the second person's card, took a photo and emailed it to the fourth person, etc etc until it went right down the line of fifteen people and back to the first person.

Today, you can look at all these cards (and be amazed at the variety) by following our simple blog hop. You may like to start with the first person so you see the progression in order. If so, please go to the blog of Tina Gillespie by clicking here, and from there you can follow the links to see all the cards in sequence.

I received my inspiration photo from the gorgeous Nikki Sadler, and wasn't sure at all what colours to do or whether to change the layout a bit, but then I got asked to make a birthday card for a particular person, and I had a very short period of time to do it.  I based the "sketch" for the birthday card exactly on the photo I received from Nikki, but then, because I had to do it so quickly, I cut out all the fussy bits and made it a very simple card. Because it was so much simpler and wasn't my final design for the Chinese Whispers Game, you may have already seen this card here.

I loved how it worked out and knew that (after giving the first one away) if I created the second card, adding back in all the details and embellishments similar to Nikki's card, I would have a perfect answer for the Chinese Whispers Game.

Domestic Goddess 1

I never ever thought I would use that Domestic Goddess Paper, but I love it! Notice how I have used exactly the same punches and Embosslit Die that Nikki used and arranged it all exactly the same on the card base, just with a colour change based on the patterned paper?

The person after me to receive the "Chinese Whisper" was Di Gill. You can see her creation here.

I hope you have enjoyed our little game and seen something that inspires you!


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Christine Blain

This is such a cute card, Kathryn. I agree - this DSP is a lot of fun. It looks gorgeous with the cupcake, and I love the little tags.

Tina Gillespie

Very cute card! I did notice that you'd had a 'practice run' with the card and posted it on your blog a little while ago. lol Thanks so much for playing along with the challenge.

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