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Flirtatious Kitchen Helper!


Your dinner parties have NEVER looked THIS GOOD!  Imagine a product that is so versatile that you can dress up every course of you dinner party meal with fabulous pizzazz and have all your guests oohing and aaahing about your amazing cooking skills.

Want to know what this amazing product is and how it works?

I am talking about the all new, singing and dancing Flirtatious Specialty Designer Series Paper, your new best friend in the kitchen!

How does it work?

Well, for kids parties, Fairy Bread never looked so good!  Now, Flirtatious Specialty Designer Series Paper will dress up your fairy bread with amazing patterns so every little hand reaches for more!

Flirtatious DSP 005

Imagine the looks on the faces of the OTHER MUMS when they see your gorgeous fairy bread - they will HAVE to HAVE the Flirtatious Specialty Designer Series Paper too!

Having girlfriends over for coffee? 

Now your boring cappucinos are a thing of the past! Take out a piece of your Flirtatious Specialty Designer Series Paper, add the finishing touches to a gorgeous cappucino and listen to your friend telling everyone at the tennis club what a Barista you are!

Flirtatious DSP 006

More ideas?

How about finely chopped fresh herbs sprinkled over the Flirtatious DSP template onto a bowl of piping hot Broccoli and Spinach Soup?

Or imagine a large white dinner plate, coated with a layer of cocoa powder that has been applied over the Flirtatious DSP, and in the very centre of the plate surrounded by this swathe of lovely pattern, is a mouthwatering piece of mudcake with double cream.

How about chocolate sprinkles, applied over the Flirtatious DSP onto a bowl of your favourite fresh mango sorbet?  (Mango season is coming!!).

The possibilities are endless, and your girlfriends are going to be talking about your creative kitchen skills for the rest of eternity!

So how do you get your hands on this must have best friend for your kitchen?

It's easy!  Flirtatious Specialty Designer Series Paper is only $24.95 and is available right now in the 2011-2012 Stampin' Up! Aus/NZ Ideas Book & Catalogue.

Each pack contains 2 doily laser-cut double-sided designs, and 2 each of 5 double sided 12" x 12" printed designs, and whilst I can't offer you a set of steak knives with this amazing product, if you'd like to order a pack and pick it up from me at home, I will make you one of those to die for cappucinos!!

What are you waiting for, pick up the phone and order your Flirtatious DSP today, so you can start wowing your friends!

Phone : 0418 361 931 or Email : [email protected]


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Kim Willis

And I thought you were joking!!!! LOL!!!! Kim

Sue Madex

Wow never would have thought of that as a use for those gorgeous doilies! Very creative!!

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