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One Little Word - August Blog Hop

This year I have been following Ali Edward's : One Little Word Journey. My word is GROW and during July, we were encouraged to find our word in songs, or focus on songs that were speaking to us and which could relate to our word.

After considering the lyrics and finding a variety, we were encouraged to put them onto nine miniature canvasses, to include in our album.

Grow July Song 001

I enjoyed the exercise of looking up lyrics in songs that I knew, relistening to old favourites, and then finding new songs and sounds through google searches for lyrics with "GROW".

When it came to putting them all together in 9 mini canvasses in a cohesive and artistic manner, I had a bit more trouble - mainly because July was such an enormously busy month, that I just wanted to get them done in 5 minutes, rather then allowing myself to spread out in my craftroom with lots of supplies around me.  Also, my printer doesn't take card stock and it isn't working properly at the moment, so when I would have preferred to print the text using different fonts, I ended up handwriting it with a felt tipped pen. I am not a fan of so much of my own handwriting - I would really have preferred these printed.

Grow July Song 002

In an attempt to hasten the process with minimum mess and minimum time spent, instead of stamping or painting, I pulled a heap of sticker sheets out of my stash, and found some co-ordinating ones to embellish my canvasses with.  It's not the worst thing I have ever made, but along with the minimum mess and minimum time spent, is minimum satisfaction with the end result! 

I realise that the whole point of this journey is to grow artistically and experimently and yet for this month, even though I enjoyed the music process, my visual representation of it is creatively stifled due to the constraints I forced upon it, timewise and other . . .

This could be a project to repeat in another month, when I have my printer up and working again, and space on my stamping table to pull out a few more supplies!  Those songs deserve a better end result!

Grow July Song 003

But that's more than enough about me!  If you've been following along the One Little Word journey, you are probably keen to see what other class mates have been up to this month. 

Here is the list of names on the blog hop. You can start right at the top with Margie, or you can continue on from me on the list and work your way back around.  To do that, just hop off now to visit Lisa by clicking here.




Monica B




Monica B1















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Cassie K

I think you did a great job with the challenge.


For being rushed, it looks great! And the important part was choosing the songs to begin with!

Jan B

Don't be so hard on yourself! I think the difficulties we run into in our lives are the very things that cause us to grow the most. And I think you did a GREAT job despite the road blocks. (You're handwriting is perfectly FINE!) Blessings as you continue on the journey! :)


LOL..I had to laugh at the 'wanting' it to be done in 5 minutes. Oh aren't we all in that place at times!

Growing IS knowing when to realize your own limits at any particular time or place. I see growth!


I have to agree, you did a great job!


Remember... this is all a process! You can always go back, and take your time in this prompt! :) However, I think you did a great job rushed or not!


i really like your cards. i think your handwriting is lovely. and the use of coordinating stickers creates a cohesive package out of all 9 cards. it's ok to give yourself a break. great work - no matter how much time it took!

Margie S (Xnomads)

I think it turned out lovely. I like all of your buttons. Great way to tie them all together. So glad you joined us again this month.


Love the details of your cards. It seems like a lot of people have had a busy July. Great choice of songs.

Sam @ Learn. Create. Do.

I agree I think you did a great job. You have me singing "from little things big things grow". :)

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