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Well, if you're looking for some inspiration or motivation, this is the place to come today.  Members of the on-line class "One Little Word" have gotten together to do a blog hop, based on their first month of self-discovery in the 2011 One Little Word journey.

If you've never been on a blog hop before, all you do is follow the links at the bottom of each post, to take you to the next person. Eventually you will go full circle and get back to where you started.

My One Little Word for 2011 is GROW . . .

KR Cover Page a

2010 was an action packed and kind of stressful year for us, I don't think we could have really crammed in another thing, and there are undoubtedly things we let slip as there was just too much going on. So we decided that 2011 was going to be a more restful year with less things in it.  That is for me, an opportunity to recharge, spread my wings more, share more of what I love with more of the people I love, learn some new things and have time to actually realise that I have learned new things, and to feel gratitude for all the blessings that life brings.

Thinking along these lines, I felt that I would pick either LEARN or SHARE as my word to focus on for 2011, but as time passed, a new word started to GROW on me, a word that encompasses both learning and sharing and many other experiences as well. Of course, that word was GROW!

KR Prompt One

I have in my mind growth in so many things, not the least of which is our Vegie Patch!! But I'd also like to "grow" my circle of friends, as well as "growing" the relationships I currently have by seeing more of my friends more often and sharing more with them, but also learning from them, as they learn from me.

I hope to "grow" creatively by trying more styles, experimenting with different projects and using some of those delicious products that fill up my craft space and don't get used often enough (like the beautiful retired SU stamp set, "Carte Postale", I have used on these layouts).  I'm working on that already, as you can tell by this pocket full of journalling cards - not ideas I would have tried before!

Jan 11 001

I am working on developing styles that I love too. I adore Vintage papercraft projects, but haven't done a lot - that is something I am hoping will grow and I think you can see it starting to emerge in some of these cards.

Jan 11 004

I also want to do more of my favourite styles - like watercolouring - which I love but because it takes longer, I skip it. Well, 2011 is a year to take the time and let it grow.

Jan 11 003 
Jan 11 005

I also hope to grow in other ways, and Tony and I have started to do some volunteer work together, as well as going to Pilates together, not to mention the hours we have put into getting our new garden up and "growing". My One Little Word has already become an active force in our lives.

Jan 11 006

I do hope you'll have time to follow the blog hop around and see what the other One Little Word members are aspiring for in 2011, and each one of them would dearly love a comment or some encouragement in their journey, so please don't be shy about leaving a comment.  The very next person in the "hop" is my very good stamping buddy, Nikki S, you can get to her delightful blog by clicking here.

If you happen to lose your way on the blog hop (or one of the links doesn't work), here is the whole list of 34 participants, so you can pick up where you left off. 

Good journeying's to you and I hope to see you back here later in the year to see what I have been up to each month in this new journey of discovery!

1) Margie

2) Jill Conyers

3) Monica  

4) Lynn W

5) Miranda

6) Mandy

7) Kathy

8) Lisa

9) Donna

10) Abbey

11) Sam

12) April

13) Nicky

14) Rebekah

15) Relly

16) Nancy

17) Cynthia

18) Kathryn

19) Nikki

20) Heather

21) Gayle

22) Kristina

23) Debra

24) Becky

25) Amy

26) Marlene

27) Maureen

28) Cheri
29) Monica Scrapmom
30) Jan

31) Junelle

32) Margaret

33) Sharyn

34) Tere


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I love your title page. Very pretty! Good luck in your gardening. We had one for the first time last summer and I loved it!

Lee Currie

What a lovely stop on the hop! I really enjoyed this. Your self-portrait is PERFECT. Good luck with your OWL this year!

April P.

I love your title page and those pearl accents with your word on your divided protector. Enjoy your journey this year!


Wonderful pages. I love the soft colors. Thanks for sharing!

Jan B

Oh, gosh, your self photo is SO great! Love it! And your cards are truly beautiful. Love the thoughts you have about your word - I share so many, yet with a different word (focus). I'm starting to think we all have pretty much the same goals, but are using different words to propel us to them. Awesome!

Donna Bryant

Your pages are lovely, and that photo is adorable!!

Miranda Wedekind

Beautiful page. Love all the coloring you did.


Your title page is so lovely! I so enjoyed the delicate feel of the project and all the flowers. Thanks for sharing!


Your pages are so pretty and very inspiring. We are all growing on this journey and I really like it as you focus word.

Marlene Moore

I really love how you chose your word, lots of good reasons and you are definitely living them. Your January prompt page is gorgeous, those stamps are so beautiful.

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