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Kia ora marire Aotearoa

I had planned to post today some photos of the cards I made for last Friday's class, using the totally frivoulous and fun "Aviary" stamp set, and all afternoon I was contemplating what else could I do, in respect of our New Zealand family and the unfathomable catastrophe which has befallen beautiful Christchurch today.  

Some years ago Campbell McGinnus wrote a poem for his beloved princess, Diana of Wales and he used the phrase "Fair cracks a nations heart", as they buried her . . . well today, I think, that phrase isn't out of place in describing what has happened to the jewel of New Zealand's south - a ripping and incomprehensible crack of destruction and pain. Our thoughts and prayers fly out to you, our darling sister country and all who live in the Land of the Long White Cloud, our neighbours, our friends, our family . . .

I have absolutely no doubt about New Zealanders - just like their Aussie neighbours - so strong, so resilient, so ready to help others they perceive are worse off than themselves; - while our heart bleeds for you, we know, like our own Cyclone Yasi and summer flood victims, you will stand up again, you will be strong again. You've taken a terrible blow, and it hurts and is something that no-one should ever have to face, but you are born of the same ANZAC spirit, you are a nation of true warriers, you are our brothers and sisters.  God bless Christchurch, and God defend New Zealand!  Manaakitia mai Aotearoa.


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Bron Heslop

Wow, Kathryn - that was a beautiful blog post. Being a Kiwi born in Australia, I have a foot in both camps, and can only echo your sentiments of resilience and strength. Christchurch is dealing with a catastrophe, and they may be down, but they're not out. Kiwis and Aussies all over the world are behind these people - kia kaha, Christchurch.

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