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Do You Use What You Buy?

I have to be the first to confess that I have quite a large stash of craft supplies that I have bought over many years of craft and stamping shows, and are now safely tucked away in a cupboard waiting for a rainy day . . . which is quite funny considering HOW MANY rainy days we have had recently!!

Are you one who buys craft products with all good intentions, but then puts them in a box under the bed or in the top of the wardrobe?  I hope you aren't - as I truly love to hear about what people have been making, and I love to see your creations - especially if you have used a Stampin' Up! stamp set or punch that I have sold to you - I'd hate to think you never have time to use it.

I was thinking lately about what I have purchased but never used, and in recent times it hasn't been a great deal - as most of my purchases are Stampin' Up! products and I use all of them at some point in workshops or classes.  But I was suddenly reminded about all the amazing and fantastical Helping Hudson Tutorials - you see, they aren't stashed in a wardrobe . . . they are just sitting there in "My Documents" waiting to be utilised. And I know lots of other people bought them too.  So, are you using yours?

I was privileged to be involved in creating a couple of tutorials, and I think my favourite was this scrapbook book page - I am planning on framing it for my brother for Christmas.

KR Brother Layout Fig 1

Oh, and yes, I thinks it's safe to say so, as I am pretty sure he's not a blog lurker!! 

If you did purchase any of the tutorials, be sure to open them up and have a read through, they were all so inspiring, and who knows, you might find yourself even pulling out some card stock or ink pads that you haven't used before either.

KR Brother Layout Fig 4

Or perhaps you have an unloved paper piercer and mat set hiding on a shelf waiting to be loved? Please don't tell me you have Stampin' Write Markers that have never been used?

KR Brother Layout Fig 8

I'd love to read your comments about what products you have just dug out and used for the first time, so please don't be shy to leave a comment.

That reminds me also, many of the Australian ladies who generously purchased the Helping Hudson tutorials or made a donation using PayPal, please check your email boxes (or even your junk mail) as there has been a message sent recently which needs your urgent attention. Thanks again enormously for supporting this dear little boy and his family.


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Claire Daly

That's a beautiful page Kathryn and would look fabulous in a timber frame as a gift.

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