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Tomorrow we are off on the train from Paris, to take a lovely bicycle ride through the countryside and visit the home and garden of Claude Monet, one of my favourite artists ever . . . I am quite certain I will  find various shades of So Saffron among the blooms in the garden.

Sept 10 359

I can't wait to see the garden in real life and to be cycling along country lanes waving "Bonjour" to all I see! I should have bought myself a lovely floral print Pumpkin Pie and So Saffron frock so I could do it in style! 


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Dam Buster of Preston

Enjoy Monet's garden. It is where I proposed.. On the bridge over the pond with the water lillies to be exact.


Ohhh! How wonderful! I love Monet too! Have a great day- I can just picture you in that lovely floral print dress riding your bicycle anyway Lol!!


Oooops forgot to say your cards are just perfect!

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