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Chocolate Chip Chic

I think Chocolate Chip will always be one of my most useful and loved colours, and I was so happy to see it included amongst the variety of colours in the Greenhouse Gala DSP pack - it's a real powerhouse colour, bringing all those other wild frivolous colours back to reality with a nice solid base!

Sept 10 358

It's just a go anywhere, do anything kind of colour - bit like the real thing - who needs an excuse to include chocolate in any occasion for any reason?!?!?!?

Hopefully by now I have also managed to convince certain triathletes amongst present company that now the World Champs is over, some delicious Parisian chocolat is not out of the question . . . and you know how I love to photograph divine desserts . . . I'll try to get some up here for you to drool over!

Bon Appetite!


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