50-50 Bonus!
Australia's Biggest Morning Tea - with stamping!!

Stamp Club starting soon!!

Like to get more for your stamping dollars?  Stamp Club gives members the opportunity to earn hostess benefits and free merchandise, just for being an active member.  How does it work?

Each Stamp Club has 6 members and runs for 6 months.  There is no joining fee or charge, but stamp club members are asked to place one $50.00 order by a set date each month.  Once in the 6 months, each Stamp Club member will receive the exclusive hostess set & free merchandise from at least a $300.00 workshop.

Stipple Rose2

As a member, you might choose to host a workshop in your allocated month or collect outside orders from friends so that your  "workshop total" goes well in excess of the minimum $300.00 you are guaranteed, thus giving you lots more hostess benefits.

Stamp Club can also have a monthly get together (free) to either place orders, collect orders or just for some plain old stamping fun and inspiration.

If you're interested in being a part of the next Stamp Club (starting May or June), please email me [email protected] to register. 


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